Reviews by RyanP2324

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    8 years ago
    Vanity After Dark
    412 Broadway San Francisco, CA 94133
    Penthouse is my favorite in SF
    This was my 5th or 6th time visiting penthouse in SF. I've been to the four major SCs in the city and I don't know why I continue to dabble in the others....
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    8 years ago
    Deja Vu
    20320 Hamilton Ave, Torrance, CA 90502, USA
    Mediocre dancers but great mileage
    I came here after a long work day with some coworkers just looking to decompress and get a couple dances. A casual Tuesday night turned out to be quite the night. There...
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    9 years ago
    Déjà Vu Los Angeles
    1800 S Main St Los Angeles, CA 90015
    Mixed quality
    I came here with a buddy I hadn't seen in a while in hopes of finding a relaxed place we could catch up while still enjoying the view. The club was much nicer...