Reviews by BobNY66

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    8 years ago
    Gold Club
    1416 Chancellor Street Philadelphia, PA 19102
    Thumbs up on a Thursday night
    I do not travel for work as much as I used to but when I do I hit the local clubs for a lap dance or two. Center City Philly does not have...
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    8 years ago
    Hurricane Betty's
    350 Southbridge St Worcester, MA 01608
    Not a great club
    First time in the Worcester area for work, had two nights to kill so I went to Hurricane Betty’s with the main attraction for me being all nude with beer. Having traveled to...
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    9 years ago
    Club Nikki's
    2840 Little Rock Rd, Charlotte, NC 28214, USA*
    Day shift at Nikki's
    I saw several comments and references to the Day shift at Nikki's and five dollar lap dances. Being in town only a few days I went Monday as soon as I got out,...