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    a year ago
    Never going back
    To misterorange. Thanks for approving the review. However, maybe you have missed the point of this website. This is a stripclub review site - not a monger advice site. I detailed what I don’t like about this particular club. All clubs are not the same which is why we have reviews. I offered my opinion on this club and how I believe the tip-round is lacking along with the standoffish culture of the women. This opinion was formed over several visits to this and many other clubs. Even if my approach were lacking (which it is not), the women at this club would not warrant the time and effort to change it as you suggest. You imply that I’m a cheap $1 groper - that is not even close to the truth. Where in the review did I write anything about how much I tipped? Nope. Did I complain about the high cost of the tip-round? Nope. Maybe stick to the review and not your assumptions about the reviewer.
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    7 years ago
    High Milieage
    Sorry, but you are wrong about my review. I've only been to this club one time and only ended up there because of work and reading pevious reviews about extras provided to some (not all) patrons. You'll find the same information if you read back in the reviews a few months. I guess my experience didn't match yours but that's ok. Maybe I just got lucky.