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    13 years ago
    Ballers Gentlemen's Lounge
    4751 Stamp Rd, Marlow Heights, MD 20748, USA
    I'm not sure what happened to...
    I'm not sure what happened to this club, but I went there recently and it was closed down. Back when they were open, I attened a private Q Dog party there and met a...
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    13 years ago
    3613 St Barnabas Rd, Hillcrest Heights, MD 20746, USA*
    I found out about this club...
    I found out about this club thru a dancer I met a Ballers some months ago named Paradise. She was the sexiest and best dancer there so I asked her to direct me to...
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    13 years ago
    Bazz & Crue
    7700 Marlboro Pike, District Heights, MD 20747, USA*
    Bazz & Crue is an ok...
    Bazz & Crue is an ok club. I must say their dancers are easier on the eyes. Most girls seemed very burnt out but I guess the lifestyle has it's up's and downs on...