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Lost Their Liquor License?

Saturday, February 24, 2024 4:17 PM
I ran into five ex-Fannies girls at Allure/Oasis and Tattletales yesterday. They all told me most dancers are leaving Fannies. They were raided because they lost their liquor license and then were caught selling without a license. Similar to what happened at Oasis a couple of years ago. The city is trying to run them out. They supposedly are now BYOB, but night shift is completely dead and day shift not much better.


They apparently were raided the first time last October. The cops draped thin plastic sheeting in front of the liquor display which from across the room, I mistook for a Halloween decoration. Looked like a big spider web. To my surprise, they were selling drinks on my next visit. I guess now they're back to no drinks - boo! I think you're right, they're in the cross hairs.
3 months ago
The City of South Fulton annexed a narrow strip of land that included 3 strip clubs Fannies and Wax which have already lost their liquor licenses and Ace of Clubs which hasn't had a review in months. So I don't know their status. The entire city council of South Fulton is made up of women. Need I say more?
3 months ago
They might be the safest business adult or not in the area. I do not know about the other clubs but there aren’t many incidents at Fannies. I’ll have to check in with some of my friends on night shift. I’ve been busy lately but if some of those girls move I definitely want to know where. It’s a dive but I’ve had some good times.
3 months ago
When I worked at this club years ago. it was ok
3 months ago
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