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Friday, February 2, 2024 5:12 PM
Sunday around 5pm, I was the only customer. Practically greeted at the door by a huge fucking cow with an ass like a pair of whiskey barrels pushed up next to each other. Tried to lose her by going into men's room but she waited for me to come out and was all over me. Quickly gave her $2 bucks and said not interested. On stage, opposite end of bar, a skinny blond facing away from me gave me a brief glimmer of hope. She had an enhanced ass which I don't like, but not too ridiculous, so thought I could live with it. As she stepped off the stage and approached me she looked like 60 years old, at least. There were no other dancers. Guzzled my $8 Heineken and was out of there in 5 minutes.


UPDATE: Went again last night, Friday. Got there about 6:30. Same blonde old lady. She's a walking advertisement for head-to-tow plastic surgery when it all goes wrong. Three other dancers I'd put in the 5-6 range. One beer and out. Again.
4 months ago
Ouch bad timing man lol. There are a few decent lookers here, but most seem < 8. Rosemary is nice, great tits.
4 months ago
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