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Sofia? Mayra?

New Mexico
Friday, December 1, 2023 2:20 AM
Lost track of Sofia? She still dance? Anyone have any stories or pictures? Dm me!


  • TheeOSU
    6 months ago
    Wow dude! You've been registered here 11 years. Zero reviews, started 2 discussions. This one asking about Sofia and the other one 5 years ago asking about Sofia. Sofia has moved on with her life, you think it might be past time for you to do the same?
  • TheeOSU
    6 months ago
    Well now, it appears that juststalking86 didn't like my suggestion which means that I won't be sharing my pics and stories of Sofia with him.
  • justlooking86
    6 months ago
    Not worried about you my guy. I was locked up and just trying to see if she’s still around so I can fuck her again
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