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Clubs in Louisville

Thursday, August 31, 2023 12:15 AM
It’s a little hard to figure out as an outsider which clubs are in Louisville metro area - some have a Louisville address but are not actually listed in Louisville. The addresses make it look like there’s quite a few. True? Also with Covid and everything are the lists here up-to-date? Seems like there’s a lot of clubs closed. Finally is it typical for clubs in Louisville to only open in evening? I am available in the afternoon only.


  • Brahma2k
    a year ago
    ‘Strip club map locator’ in the menu. Navigate and zoom in on area, double tap, there’s the strip clubs in that area superimposed on a map. The tuscl list is going to be as updated as you’ll find on the web. Click on a SC and look at reviews. If a recent review? You’re probably good. If no review in say a year? I’d do some checking to see if it’s open.
  • whodey
    a year ago
    Yeah the Louisville clubs are a little awkward to find on here since @founder did his last redesign but I'm sure getting the listing organized better is on his to-do list so just be patient. For now the clubs are listed in either Louisville or Shively (a suburb of Louisville) Kentucky or New Albany Indiana for the one club right across the river. Yes Louisville lost several (about 8-10) clubs over the past few years but from what I can tell they have all been updated as out of business on here and those listed as open on here are in fact still in business. Most of the clubs used to be open during the day prior to covid but most are basically only night shift now do to lack of customers and dancers during the day.
  • jmaustin
    a year ago
    Thanks that helps!
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