Condor Club
560 Broadway San Francisco, CA 94133

San Francisco 2AMer.

Atlanta suburb
Monday, April 24, 2023 1:38 PM
Police in San Francisco are investigating a possible mass shooting in the North Beach neighborhood. At least one person was killed, and as many as four others were wounded. The shooting happened just past 11:30 p.m. on Sunday in the area of Broadway and Columbus, outside of The Condor Club, a popular strip club. A tourist, visiting from Great Britain told KTVU there were as many as a dozen gunshots. Police said they did recover a gun from the scene. It was found outside a nearby liquor store. Police have not released any information about a possible suspect, or what may have led up to the shooting. This story is developing, KTVU will update it as new information is made available.


  • Muddy
    a year ago
    More SF bullshit. And if I’m not mistaken at the first strip club in America.
  • motorhead
    a year ago
    Wow, I didn’t know the place was still open. The Condor Club is legendary. It’s regarded as the first topless club in the USA.
  • shadowcat
    a year ago
    Four people have been arrested three months after a mass shooting outside a San Francisco strip club left one man dead and three others injured, police said Friday. The suspects taken into custody were identified as Jeremiah Thomas, 21; Marilyn Sahagun-Lopez, 20; and 22-year-old Nikeosi Jackson. A fourth suspect, Malachi Lefiti, 22, was arrested a day after the April 23 shooting at The Condor, Fox San Francisco reported. He was charged with homicide and three counts of attempted murder, attempted robbery, possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, conspiracy and a gang enhancement, a police statement said. Thomas, Sahagun-Lopez and Jackson were taken into custody on Tuesday on suspicion of homicide, attempted homicide, and attempted robbery, along with other crimes that include gang activity. Investigators said the suspects were trying to rob their victims at gunpoint. During the incident, an altercation ensued and one man, 23-year-old Isaiah Thomas, was killed and three others were shot. The shooting victims who survived were only described as two 24-year-old men from Sacramento County and a 20-year-old woman from Contra Costa County. Jackson was also arrested for an outstanding warrant out of Contra Costa County for carrying a loaded firearm in a public place or vehicle and for another warrant out of San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office for carrying a loaded firearm and not being the registered owner, police said. The Condor Club's managers said the strip club was not connected to the shooting, the news outlet said.
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